41.52518787753406, -8.6122917475769 | International Development
SOPRO - Solidariedade e Promoção ONGD Find out more
41.52518787753406, -8.6122917475769 | International Development
SOPRO - Solidariedade e Promoção ONGD

"Educar os jovens para a solidariedade e promover projetos de cooperação para o desenvolvimento do ser humano no mundo".

Bid on amazing once in a lifetime auctions including signed celebrity items, exclusive experiences and more.
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Cooperação para o desenvolvimento
Tax number
503 725 072
+351253 837 259
Travessa de Santo António 234
4755-054 Barcelos

International Bank Account Number
PT50 0036 0096 99100095189 45
National Bank Account Number
0036 0096 99100095189 45

SOPRO - Solidariedade e Promoção ONGD
SOPRO - Solidariedade e Promoção ONGD
Raised $410.03
Users 206
Graça Vieira Graça Vieira €30.00
Elsa Alves Elsa Alves €30.00
Ana Pereira Ana Pereira €4.00
Luís Ferraz Luís Ferraz €6.00
Ana Filipa Meireles Ana Filipa Meireles €10.00
Luís Ferraz Luís Ferraz €20.00
Anonymous donation Anonymous donation €31.00
Anonymous donation Anonymous donation €55.00
Daniel Filizzola Daniel Filizzola €2.00
Célia Pinto Célia Pinto €5.00
Solange Pereira Solange Pereira €4.00
Pedro Cruz Pedro Cruz €100.00
Sónia Andrade Sónia Andrade €0.50
Miguel Adolfo Novais Miguel Adolfo Novais €0.50
Hector Johny Hector Johny €0.50
Fotini Komninou Fotini Komninou €0.50
Júlio Miguel Júlio Miguel €0.50
Sofia Lopes Sofia Lopes €0.50
Catia Miranda Catia Miranda €0.50
Daniela Gomes Daniela Gomes €0.50
Joana Filipa Miranda Joana Filipa Miranda €0.50
Rikter Ádám Rikter Ádám €0.50
Renato Lopes Renato Lopes €0.50
António Manuel da Miranda António Manuel da Miranda €0.50
Maria  Macedo Maria Macedo €0.50
Joana Filipa Miranda Joana Filipa Miranda €0.50
Natty Dias Natty Dias €0.50
Hermann Kirchweger Hermann Kirchweger €0.50
Zrinko Budimir Zrinko Budimir €0.50
Isilda Nunes Isilda Nunes €0.50
Taylan Ekin Taylan Ekin €0.50
Sérgio Mendes Sérgio Mendes €0.50
Sara Tiburcio Sara Tiburcio €0.50
Petra Araujo Petra Araujo €0.50
Graça Cardoso Graça Cardoso €0.50
Rafael Miranda Rafael Miranda €0.50
Tio Kim Tio Kim €0.50
Pedro Sarreirita Pedro Sarreirita €0.50
Tiago Matos Matos Tiago Matos Matos €0.50
Vera Miranda Vera Miranda €0.50
Marisa Fernandes Marisa Fernandes €0.50
Jorge Santos Jorge Santos €0.50
Cátia Alves Cátia Alves €0.50
Andreia Cunha Andreia Cunha €0.50
Carlos  Coelho Carlos Coelho €0.50
Filipe Santos Filipe Santos €0.50
Andreia Simoes Andreia Simoes €0.50
Angela Costa Angela Costa €0.50
Luis Ferreira Luis Ferreira €0.50
Conceição Vilas Boas Conceição Vilas Boas €0.50
Magda Coelho Magda Coelho €0.50
Claudio Barreto Claudio Barreto €0.50
João Amadeu Araújo João Amadeu Araújo €0.50
Teresa Ruivo Teresa Ruivo €0.50
Maria Francisca Maria Francisca €0.50
Patricia Marcão Patricia Marcão €0.50
Bruna Pereira Bruna Pereira €0.50
Jose Oliveira Jose Oliveira €0.50
Pedro Fernandes Pedro Fernandes €0.50
Joana Oliveira Joana Oliveira €0.50
Madalena Carvalho Madalena Carvalho €0.50
Ana Pontes Ana Pontes €0.50
Goreti  Miranda Goreti Miranda €0.50
Rita Galiza Rita Galiza €0.50
Emanuel Brandão Emanuel Brandão €0.50
Alexandre Ferreira Alexandre Ferreira €0.50
Alípio Pereira Alípio Pereira €0.50
Mia Luanda Mia Luanda €0.50
Pedro Lemos Pedro Lemos €0.50
Ana Rita Ana Rita €0.50
Carla Moreira Carla Moreira €0.50
Déssio Roque Déssio Roque €0.50
Ana Fernandes Ana Fernandes €0.50
Luisa Gonçalves Luisa Gonçalves €0.50
Sara Cristina Mendes Marques Sara Cristina Mendes Marques €0.50
Isabel Santos Isabel Santos €0.50
Débora Cruz Débora Cruz €0.50
Cátia Domingos Cátia Domingos €0.50
Tânia Coelho Tânia Coelho €0.50
Ana Sofia Dias Ana Sofia Dias €0.50
Helena Teixeira Helena Teixeira €0.50
Marli  Nogueira Marli Nogueira €0.50
Elsa Costa Elsa Costa €0.50
Isaura Sousa Isaura Sousa €0.50
Ana Miranda Ana Miranda €0.50
Rafaela Diogo Rafaela Diogo €0.50
João Pinho João Pinho €0.50
Rui Oliveira Rui Oliveira €0.50
Pedro Miguel Freitas Pedro Miguel Freitas €0.50
Grace Silva Grace Silva €0.50
Jonas Alves Jonas Alves €0.50
Bé Araújo Bé Araújo €0.50
Sofia Silva Sofia Silva €0.50
Vitor Silva Vitor Silva €0.50
Joana Alves Joana Alves €0.50
Carlos Grenha Carlos Grenha €0.50
Irmão Luís López Irmão Luís López €0.50
Carlos Araujo Carlos Araujo €0.50
Adriana Oliveira Adriana Oliveira €0.50
Tânia Campos Tânia Campos €0.50
Bruno Macedo Bruno Macedo €0.50
Zaida Correia Zaida Correia €0.50
Ze Nuno Ze Nuno €0.50
Joao Coelho Joao Coelho €0.50
Filipe Rodrigues Filipe Rodrigues €0.50
Ana Azevedo Ana Azevedo €0.50
Pedro Duarte Pedro Duarte €0.50
Tania Braga Tania Braga €0.50
Miguel Novais Miguel Novais €0.50
Inês Morgado Inês Morgado €0.50
Gabriela Falcao Gabriela Falcao €0.50
Pedro São Bento Pedro São Bento €0.50
Beatriz Ferreira Beatriz Ferreira €0.50
Rita Morgado Rita Morgado €0.50
Joana Rita Joana Rita €0.50
Helena Silva Helena Silva €0.50
Rita Costa Rita Costa €0.50
Sameiro Novais Sameiro Novais €0.50
José Arizmendi José Arizmendi €0.50
Alexandra Fernandes Alexandra Fernandes €0.50
Rui Pedro Boas Rui Pedro Boas €0.50
Vitor Cardoso Vitor Cardoso €0.50
Ana Célia Maciel Ana Célia Maciel €0.50
Liliana Marques Liliana Marques €0.50
Sara Barbosa Sara Barbosa €0.50
Liliana Sousa Liliana Sousa €0.50
Rui Loureiro Rui Loureiro €0.50
Rita Marques Rita Marques €0.50
Ceu Alves Ceu Alves €0.50
Carina Sebastião Carina Sebastião €0.50
Hugo Morgado Hugo Morgado €0.50
Francisco Conceição Fernandes Francisco Conceição Fernandes €0.50
Carla Barbosa Carla Barbosa €0.50
Joao Falcao Joao Falcao €0.50
Diana Amaral Diana Amaral €0.50
Maria Lobarinhas Maria Lobarinhas €0.50
Carlos Pereira Carlos Pereira €0.50
Ana Rita Simões Ana Rita Simões €0.50
Celina Vilas-Boas Celina Vilas-Boas €0.50
Inês Pereira Inês Pereira €0.50
Diogo Meneses Diogo Meneses €0.50
Joel Figueiras Joel Figueiras €0.50
Inês Peixoto Inês Peixoto €0.50
Helder Madanços Helder Madanços €0.50
Fátima Dias Fátima Dias €0.50
João Fernandes João Fernandes €0.50
Maria Fernandes Maria Fernandes €0.50
Cátia Torres Cátia Torres €0.50
Francisco Barbosa Carvalho Francisco Barbosa Carvalho €0.50
Diana Pereira Diana Pereira €0.50
Tiago Batista Tiago Batista €1.00
Tiago Batista Tiago Batista €2.00
Cristina Maia Cristina Maia €6.00
Adriano Gomes Adriano Gomes €0.50
Maria João Meneses Maria João Meneses €0.50
Susana Falcão Susana Falcão €0.50
Gabi Cruz Gabi Cruz €0.50
Raquel Ramião Raquel Ramião €0.50
Filipa Pinto Filipa Pinto €0.50
Emanuel Martins Emanuel Martins €0.50
Michael Val Michael Val €0.50
Alexandra Novais Alexandra Novais €0.50
Sandra Silva Sandra Silva €0.50
Joana Aroso Joana Aroso €0.50
Joana Cunha Joana Cunha €0.50
Pedro Sousa Pedro Sousa €0.50
Helena Anjos Helena Anjos €0.50
Mafalda Fiúza Mafalda Fiúza €0.50
Miguel Oliveira Miguel Oliveira €0.50
Elisabete Cunha Elisabete Cunha €0.50
Pedro Anjos Pedro Anjos €0.50
Bruna Anjos Bruna Anjos €0.50
Elisabete Silva Elisabete Silva €0.50
Elsa Oliveira Elsa Oliveira €0.50
Marta Ferreira Marta Ferreira €0.50
Helena Dias Pereira Helena Dias Pereira €0.50
Patricia Pereira Patricia Pereira €0.50
Abílio Costa Abílio Costa €0.50
Rosa Marques Rosa Marques €0.50
Diana Cachada Diana Cachada €0.50
Mónica Sousa Mónica Sousa €0.50
André Seixas André Seixas €0.50
Claudia Santos Claudia Santos €0.50
Ana Pedroso Ana Pedroso €0.50
Joana  Miranda Joana Miranda €0.50
Susana  Falcão Susana Falcão €0.50
Maria Alexandra Serrano Matos Maria Alexandra Serrano Matos €0.50
Filipe Fatal Filipe Fatal €0.30
Miguel Novais Miguel Novais €4.00
Marco Barbosa Marco Barbosa €4.00
Marco Barbosa Marco Barbosa €8.00

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