Cookies Policy


Cookies are small files that contain a set of characters/text and are sent to a user's computer when he visits our website.

Cookies are what allows the site to recognize a visitor when he returns and what activates their settings and preferences saved from the previous visit.

When a user revisits our website with the same device, the cookie and all the information it holds will be sent back to the original website (first-party cookie) or to the website it belongs to (third-party cookie). Consequently, the site may detect that he is a returning visitor and, in some cases, display different content.

The length of time a cookie remains on the user's computer will vary according to the cookie category the site uses.


Esolidar uses cookies, or other tracking technology, to tailor the website to your needs by using the information collected during your visit, that you have accepted to share.

By collecting this data (like the files from a visitor’s browsing preferences, his interaction with different articles and sections of the site or what he has added to his shopping cart), we are able to recognize him and retrieve the data from his previous visit with the help of his IP, Browser and Operating System information, whenever he returns to the website.


These cookies are strictly necessary to guarantee the operation of the website. Without them, the website would not work properly, and the user would not be able to use it correctly or take advantage of all its features.

These cookies are used exclusively by Esolidar, hence being called first-party cookies. They only store information on the user's computer during the current browser session. These cookies ensure, for example, that when a user accesses the features of a website, he will see a version with the amount of data corresponding to the Internet connection that he is using.

These types of cookies also store the user's decisions regarding the use of cookies on our website.

User's consent is not required for cookies that are strictly necessary. Unlike the other types of cookies that users can disable on their browsers at any time, these cookies cannot be disabled through this page.


Cookies that, by legal definition, are not required to be able to use the website perform important tasks.

Without these cookies, features intended to improve your browsing experience on the website – such as the automatic completion of an online form – will no longer be available. Personal settings – like your preferred language – cannot be kept without these cookies and must be set again on all pages.

Furthermore, without these cookies, we could not meet your individual requirements with personalised offers. They are used, among others, to:

Keep the user session active, so that the user is not required to repeatedly fill in specific fields;

Collect data to receive automated emails after completing the form;

Optimize the website to function properly, using cookies for browsing processes;

Provide tax information applicable to prices, using a cookie to determine the region where the user is located at the time of the search;

Prevent and block fraudulent actions and keep the user safe.


Cookies that help to understand how long the visitor has stayed on the website, which pages he considered most useful, why has he spent more time on those pages and how he was directed to the esolidar page.

These cookies are stored in the visitor's browser and are sent from servers of external websites that collaborate with Esolidar. Google, is a good example, has it installs cookies in browsers to analyse various aspects related to the website and visitors’ performance. They are used, among others, to:

Collect visitors’ statistical information for Google Analytics - which allows storing information regarding the content users have viewed on the website and provides personalised ads on Google, other websites, or Facebook (this last one enables you to communicate in a personalised way, according to the user’s web browsing);

Improve user experience by storing cookies with their preferences and adjusting them to their interests, geographic location, and language. This improves Google AdSense’s performance (e.g. Google Maps, Geolocation and Google Recaptcha – a system used in forms to establish that a computer user is human and not a BOT);

Understand how each visitor used the website, thus optimising its structure and content. Based on this information we can analyse, for example, the route of the user's computer cursors.

To learn more about third-party Cookie policies, please visit the following pages:


Although esolidar uses this type of files by default, users can disable this configuration in their browsers if they wish to do so. They will, nonetheless, have a less intuitive interaction by not using cookies.

Regardless of your choice, you can continue to access the site for what is essential, but if you wish to deactivate this option, you will not be able to use all the interactive features of our website.

Here's how to do it:
Internet explorer


On our website, we use elements from social media, namely Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others. The suppliers of the main plug-ins are Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Instagram LLC ("Providers"). By web page elements we mean, for example, buttons (so-called "social plug-ins") or content comprised by these service providers.

The user's browser establishes a direct connection with the server of the service provider when the user visits a page of our website that contains one of these elements. The element’s content is transmitted by its provider directly to your browser and integrated into the esolidar page. By integrating the website elements, the service providers become aware that your browser has accessed the corresponding page on our site, and even if the user does not have an account with this provider (e.g. Facebook) or is not logged in at that moment, this information (including your IP address) will be communicated by your browser directly to the US service provider’s server and stored there.

If the user is logged in to one of the services, the service provider can directly assign this visit to the user’s profile on the service.

Esolidar has no influence on the data parameters that the providers collect with the help of the website’s elements. For details on the purpose, the extent of data collection and the processing and further use of the data by these providers, as well as the rights and configuration options to protect your privacy, please read the provider's privacy policy.

To prevent the service providers to directly associate the data collected through our website to your profile in this service, you should always log off on these pages.

Lastly, it is possible to completely prevent the website’s elements from loading by using browser add-ons.

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