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Guitar autographed by Iron Maiden at Rock In Rio 2022
R$17,550.00 $3,404.70 approx.
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Have you been an Iron Maiden fan since forever? So don't miss the opportunity to have an exclusive guitar that will be signed by the band and still help to reforest the Amazon. Participate!

Rock in Rio partnered with FunBio to reforest the Amazon rainforest, Amazonas - BR.

Amazonia Live is a socio-environmental project by Rock In Rio, which aims to offer Brazil more than entertainment. In 2016, they created the project with the objective of planting 1 million trees for reforestation of the Amazon Forest, and today it is responsible for planting more than 4 million trees. In addition to spreading seeds, Amazonia Live has been generating income for the indigenous people of the Xingu and the recovery of the banks of the river of the same name, in addition to revitalizing deforested land and mobilizing collector workers from the Xingu Seed Network.

To participate, simply bid on one of the autographed items and all the money raised goes straight to the entities that manage these areas.

There are no intermediaries. You can be sure that your donation will turn into trees and help keep the forest standing.

All pieces auctioned will have a certificate of authenticity.

Together we make a better world!

Shipping will be arranged between Rock in Rio and the winner.

Payment must be made by bank transfer to the benefited social organization within 48 hours after the end of the auction. Bank details will be sent by email to the auction winner.

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