Fans for Change

In the 2022 edition, Rock In Rio invites everyone to unite for a better world.
Together with our Amazonia Live project, this year we will also have the 15 for 15 Pact as a partner.

Amazonia Live is a social and environmental project of Rock In Rio, responsible for planting more than 4 million trees in the Amazon Rainforest and generates income for the indigenous people of the Xingu, promoting the recovery of riverbanks, revitalizing deforested land and mobilizing workers from the Xingu Seed Network.

15 for 15 is a project carried out by the NGO Ação de Cidadania, which proposes a pact in support of the 15% of Brazilians who are currently suffering from hunger. Today the country is back on the UN Hunger Map with the worst rate in Brazilian history, so the 15 for 15 Pact encourages the donation of 15 reals, 15 million, or even 15 seconds, to contribute to the future eradication of hunger in Brazil.

Together a better world happens! Right here, at our fingertips.
Give your bid and come with us!

All togheter for a better world.

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