Fans for Change

In the 2023 edition, The Town invites everyone to come together for a better world.

This year, we will benefit the Favela 3D project, which, in partnership with Gerando Falcões, Gerdau, Fundação Volks, and Vozes da Periferia, aims to transform the Haiti favela in Vila Prudente, São Paulo.

The Favela 3D project is an initiative by Gerando Falcões with the objective of breaking the cycle of poverty in the favelas. In the Haiti favela, it intends to transform the lives of 290 families through housing improvements, income generation, and social development.

By transforming the surroundings and interior of the favelas, it is possible to transform the entire world, inspiring actions and projects to build a better world and combat poverty in the favelas, showing that favela poverty belongs in a museum.

Together, we can make a better world happen! Right here, within our reach.
Place your bid and join us!

All for a better world.

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