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WIBRAVE by Lynn Court
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WIBR (Women in Brazil), an initiative created by MIBR with the aim of changing the ecosystem of the world of games by supporting women who wish to enter this market, presents the first uniform of the project. As with team jerseys in traditional sports and esports, the WIBR jersey will carry a message of courage and empowerment, and was named WIBRAVE, the warrior's mantle.

March marks Women's Month. A month that represents all our strength, determination, claw and power.

We face several battles to show our leadership to the world. A lot of struggle, barriers overcome, achievements and unity. We did everything to show that this place also belongs to women, that we can have an egalitarian world without suffering.

We at WIBR, understand all these centuries of struggle, we know that we have conquered a lot of space, but we also know that this battle is not over yet! And we arrived to join the choir because we believe that together we will go further!!!

And to crown all this struggle, in partnership with Trois Group, we created our first Jersey! A mantle that represents the courage, resilience and joy of all of us warrior women!

The mantle of WIBR (WIBRAVE) exalts the path and battles won by women over the years in search of equal rights. Some of these significant dates are present, engraved on the fabric of the shirt, such as:

1827 — Women released to study;
1932 – Women gain the right to vote;
2006 - Maria da Penha Law;
2015 – Enactment of the Law Against Femicide.

The initiative aims to raise funds for the Power 4 Girls – Empower to Lead! program, an initiative of the US Embassy and Consulates in partnership with the Gloria Institute and support from the CONIF network, with the aim of empowering girls through a training that encourages entrepreneurship, innovation and social responsibility for the 21st century work environment. The Program is aimed at students from institutions of the Federal Network of Education, Science and Technology across the country who creatively propose to solve a problem/issue in the area of accessibility and inclusion.

Wear that mantle whenever you want and remind yourself of your worth whenever you need it. We promise to do the same!

About the artist:

Lynn Court: @lynn__court
Technique: acrylic and embroidery on shirt.

Lynn Court undertakes her journey through time between faces and their paintings, representations, masks/personas, deities, gods. A permanent rite of passage, a mixture of religion, art and magic, hiding or revealing faces to offer us a good point of view to observe language transformations. By recreating symbols and totems on supports such as light boxes or building facades, Lynn walks through different languages in the obsessive task of creating personas. A universe constellated by expressions that have been rehearsed, tried out, coded and decoded for thousands of years, captured by the eye, reproduced by the hands of artists in the solidary work of unraveling mysteries, but actually eternalizing them in the mythical eagerness to freeze the moment. Lynn Court draws our gaze as if to say: The sacred is the hidden, the imagined.

All auction proceeds will go to Power 4 Girls.

The jersey shipping costs will be borne by the winner of the auction.

Once the auction is over, the winner will receive an email with the payment details within 48 hours and must respond in the same email, attaching proof of payment.

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