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GT3CUP RMELLO29 by Adonis Alcici
R$1,250.00 $242.50 approx.
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Adonis Alcici
37 x 52.5 cm

Printing on special Premium Metallic Luster 210g paper (German brand Felix Schoeller);
Autographed by Rodrigo Mello;
Circulation 1 of 29.

Original work: Acrylic paint on canvas, 100 x 120 cm.

Note: The work will be delivered after the auction closes. The FAH Team will contact you to align the logistics.

Born in Itapira / SP, Adonis Alcici has a degree in Graphic and Product Design. The production of his works of art carries a feeling of challenge and achievement and is inspired by the design of cars, motorcycles and speed, following a style that resembles the impressionist movement.
With 15 years of experience with art and illustrations in the automotive industry, Adonis has carried out important projects for clients such as PORSCHE, BMW, TRIUMPH, HONDA, REDE GLOBO, among other brands and companies. His art is full of youth, luxury, and movement.

The GT3CUP RMELLO29 work of art was awarded as the first place prize in the Dueling Machines Challenge, promoted by the Porsche Cup among the drivers and cars of the 2020 season.
In order to create an art with the soul and, in addition to the artistic representation of the car, the composition also subtly carries some elements, dates and numbers of great emotional importance for the driver. This makes art even more special and personalized, with direct references to Rodrigo's essence.
This materialization is expressed through the spatulate texture with countless layers of acrylic paint and the strong orange tones, which make reference to the unmistakable and striking layout, champion of the challenge.
The original screen was produced in June 2020, inside the Porsche Cup Brasil garage, next to Rodrigo Mello's car and among dozens of other cars, which brought great inspiration to the creative process.

The withdrawal will be offered by the Amor Horizontal Foundation.

Deposit into account, directly into the account of the Amor Horizontal Foundation.

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