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The main purpose of impactMarket is to end extreme poverty as fast and effective as possible while empowering local & social change, bottom-up economic growth, and prosperity.

Bid on amazing once in a lifetime auctions including signed celebrity items, exclusive experiences and more.

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International Bank Account Number
PT50 0269 0737 00200651417 71

Raised US$7.879,00
Users 58
Larisa  Tovmasyan Larisa Tovmasyan €25,00
Tiago Jóia Tiago Jóia US$25,00
Tim Schulze Tim Schulze US$20,00
Isabel Carloto de Castro Ruivo Isabel Carloto de Castro Ruivo US$25,00
Martim  Nogueira Martim Nogueira US$25,00
Diogo Horta Diogo Horta US$25,00
Gonçalo Trovão do Rosário Gonçalo Trovão do Rosário US$25,00
Margherita Demattè Margherita Demattè US$25,00
Mariana Costa Mariana Costa €25,00
Gonçalo Morais David Gonçalo Morais David US$26,00
Juliana Nascimento Juliana Nascimento US$25,00
Susana Sousa Susana Sousa US$25,00
Margarida Mingote Margarida Mingote US$25,00
Verônica de Quadros Verônica de Quadros US$25,00
Gonçalo Ferreira Gonçalo Ferreira US$25,00
Joana  Silveira Joana Silveira US$25,00
Lourenco Canedo Lourenco Canedo US$25,00
Madalena  Vaz Madalena Vaz US$25,00
Leonardo Estevez Leonardo Estevez US$25,00
Mariana Santos Mariana Santos US$25,00
rita ribeiro rita ribeiro US$25,00
Luis Bonaccorso Luis Bonaccorso US$26,00
José Maria Branquinho da Fonseca José Maria Branquinho da Fonseca US$25,00
Matilde Blanco Matilde Blanco US$25,00
Diogo Cardoso Diogo Cardoso US$26,00
João Maria Botelho João Maria Botelho US$25,00
Mariana Cardoso Mariana Cardoso US$25,00
Ana Neves Ana Neves US$5,00
Beatriz Barradas Beatriz Barradas US$25,00
Maria da Assunção Cavalheiro Maria da Assunção Cavalheiro US$25,00
Ana Neves Ana Neves US$5,00
Ana Leite Ana Leite US$25,00
Maria Marques Maria Marques US$25,00
Francisca Barata Francisca Barata US$25,00
Ana Catharina  Souza Ana Catharina Souza US$25,00
Carlota Catarino Carlota Catarino US$25,00
Marta Cardoso Marta Cardoso US$25,00
Nuno Barroca Nuno Barroca US$25,00
Anne Alves Anne Alves US$25,00
Luis Pedro Catarino Costa Luis Pedro Catarino Costa US$26,00
Filipa Duarte Filipa Duarte US$25,00
Rickson Neves Rickson Neves US$25,00
Marta Cortez Marta Cortez US$25,00
Rafaela Lapa Rafaela Lapa US$25,00
Francisco Bastos Francisco Bastos US$25,00
zunetta herbert zunetta herbert US$100,00
Marina Machado Marina Machado €10,00
Marco Barbosa Marco Barbosa €20,00
Marcelo Demersal Marcelo Demersal US$3.500,00
Marcelo Demersal Marcelo Demersal US$350,00
Marcelo Demersal Marcelo Demersal US$600,00
Marcelo Demersal Marcelo Demersal US$250,00
Marcelo Demersal Marcelo Demersal US$650,00
Marcelo Demersal Marcelo Demersal US$650,00
Marcelo Demersal Marcelo Demersal US$500,00
Miguel Vieira Miguel Vieira US$5,00
maksim akulinin maksim akulinin US$10,00
maksim akulinin maksim akulinin US$10,00
Rita Feio Rita Feio US$5,00
impactMarket impactMarket US$10,00
Rui Ramos Rui Ramos US$20,00
maksim akulinin maksim akulinin US$5,00
Marco Barbosa Marco Barbosa US$100,00

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