Charity Auctions

Charity Auctions

Bid on exclusive items and experiences!

Help the ones in need get once-in-a-lifetime items signed by celebrities, exclusive experience and much more. By bidding you help the nonprofit raise essential resources to help them accomplish their mission.



Support the causes you care about - and be compensated for it!

Make donations to crowdfunding campaigns to help a social cause. In some situations, you will even be able to get a prize for your donation!



Make spontaneous donations with Paypal!

Choose your favorite cause and make donations of any value to a nonprofit of your choice with PayPal!

Connect with people who care about your cause!

Reach more people and raise more funds with eSolidar.
Charity Auctions

Charity Auctions

Charity auctions are a creative and effective tool to gather resources.

The auctioned items can be a special or unique object or even a unique experience amongst ours nonprofits or celebrities/brands.

To setup a charity action, signup at esolidar and register your request filling all the necessary fields through the "Add item" option.



Crowdfunding each time a more popular way to raise money!

Crowdfunding campagins can help you to raise money to develop projects and help maintain your organization! Lower costs, easy setup, and communication with your target audience.

Create your crowdfunding through "Add campaign" under the "Crowdfunings campaigns" option. Add prizes to each donation to increase your participant engagement.



Easily receive donations from people and companies.

Go through the "Donations" option to configure the donation methods you want to accept.

Your organization can accept donations with gift vouchers, match donations or donation packs! Remember: you'll need a PayPal account to activate this feature!


Make the most out of volunteers!

How about partnering with companies that develop volunteering programs? This is the path to exchange experiences and develop skills for your organization's team and community members in need!

Register your organization's needs in the "Corporative Help" section in the main menu.

Institutional Profile

Increasing the nonprofit's visibility is one of the main ways to attract resources.

At esolidar, your nonprofit will have access to an exclusive page to promote your initiatives. By sharing the page with potential partners, you increase your chances of converting visitors into donors, investors, and volunteers.

Esolidar for companies

Esolidar simplifies your social impact management.

It enables you to plan, communicate, develop and manage all CSR and ESG strategies. It is a way to bring social impact to your process!

Sure, it does charity auctions. But there’s also match donations, community grants, social company feed, charitable gift cards, and more—like acceleration program management, volunteering management and impact analytics—that help you engage your employees, impact your community, retain your customers, and maximize your impact.

We live a profound transformation in our way of doing business and how we relate to society. Each time, the market demands more from companies. The same happens when we talk about social impact. The ones that position themselves for long-term sustainability and positive change go further. Companies that don’t care about their legacy in society are out of the market. And the statistics can prove our point!

• 83% of consumers said companies should only earn a profit if they also deliver a positive impact. (Zeno 2020); • 76% of individual consumers expect to see companies investing more in causes than they have done in the past. (IPSOS 2018); • By 2025, consumers will prefer products or services that are less damaging to the environment, human health, and society. (EY 2021).

Are you not convinced yet? What about reflecting a bit more? Here is a tweet to help you clarify your mind:

“If you aren’t making a difference in other people’s lives, you shouldn’t be in business.” - Sir Richard Branson.

It’s that simple.

Esolidar is a solution for every company. You don't need a big team, a large budget, or the most significant efforts to improve your strategy. Our solution is simple and functional. Besides, only one champion (platform manager) is necessary to manage the projects.

Do you want to try and isolate the campaign to check the results? Go ahead! Do you want to deep dive into our platform and rebuild your SRE strategy? Be our guest!


We’re committed to transparency and integrity with the communities, individuals, and businesses that use our tools.

Esolidar brings a supportive community together in one place - the ones who need help and the ones who want to help.

Using and registering to our platform for both individuals and nonprofits is free. For nonprofits we charge a small fee on each item sold, donations and amounts raised in a charity auction. This fee will help us support our teams. After all, without marketing, communication, technology, and support teams we would not be able to provide the best tools for our users.

Our service fees

Our service fees

Providing support to charities and users

Our staff is available around the clock to help charities set up online shops and establish a platform so that you can get the most from our site. Struggling in any part of the process? Please access our Help Center or contact us directly through our Support Chat.

Transparency and monitoring

We are committed to providing a hassle-free experience. As such, we follow closely how users progress with our platform. Our team works daily to provide high security standards and invest in the latest technological safeguards to ensure that your data is protected.


We are constantly developing new tools for you to get closer to your community and nonprofit organizations. As a valued member of our site, we are committed to creating innovative fundraising mechanisms at the lowest cost possible.

Are you related to a charity or know any that you would like to see on Esolidar?

Let us know.

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