1600-499 Lisboa, Portugal | Social Inclusion
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1600-499 Lisboa, Portugal | Social Inclusion
Refood Carnide

A Re-food é uma organização de actuação micro-local, criada para re-aproveitar excedentes alimentares e re-alimentar quem mais precisa.

Bid on amazing once in a lifetime auctions including signed celebrity items, exclusive experiences and more.

Do you have a special item you would like to auction to support our charity?

Social Inclusion
Tax number
Mar Maria Droste
Travessa da Luz, nº 2
1600-499 Carnide - Lisboa

International Bank Account Number
PT50 003601219910005769811
National Bank Account Number

Refood Carnide
Refood Carnide
Raised $34.60
Users 75
Carina Osorio Carina Osorio €0.50
Teresa Arriaga Teresa Arriaga €0.50
Nuno Oliveira Nuno Oliveira €0.50
Maria Guiomar Dugos Maria Guiomar Dugos €0.50
Pedro Cabrita Pedro Cabrita €0.50
Mariana Fevereiro Mariana Fevereiro €0.50
David Fialho David Fialho €0.50
Diogo António Diogo António €0.50
Susana Dias Susana Dias €0.50
Rui Alves Rui Alves €0.50
Amélia Martins Amélia Martins €0.50
Duygu Pereira Duygu Pereira €0.50
Ayşen Gül Ayşen Gül €0.50
Maria Gabriel Manuxa Maria Gabriel Manuxa €0.50
Miquelina  Teixeira Dinis Miquelina Teixeira Dinis €0.50
Pedro Vaz Pedro Vaz €0.50
Artur Nunes Artur Nunes €0.50
Raquel Neves Raquel Neves €0.50
Paula Vilafanha Paula Vilafanha €0.50
Sandra Luís Sandra Luís €0.50
Maria Manuel  Gomes Maria Manuel Gomes €0.50
Ana Maria Ana Maria €0.50
João Boavida João Boavida €0.50
Marta Sofia Ventura Marta Sofia Ventura €0.50
Ines Freire de Andrade Ines Freire de Andrade €0.50
Susana Martins Susana Martins €0.50
Inês  Velloso Inês Velloso €0.50
Cláudia Gomes Cláudia Gomes €0.50
João Borges João Borges €0.50
Domingos Correia Domingos Correia €0.50
Ana Coutinho Ana Coutinho €0.50
Teresa Lopes Teresa Lopes €0.50
Sara Sousa Sara Sousa €0.50
Maria Figueira Maria Figueira €0.50
M Conceição Rosado Pereira M Conceição Rosado Pereira €0.50
Sofia Menezes Sofia Menezes €0.50
Elsa Alony Elsa Alony €0.50
Susana Ludovice Susana Ludovice €0.50
Margarida  Soares Margarida Soares €0.50
João Matos João Matos €0.50
Joana Portela Joana Portela €0.50
Paula Gonçalves Paula Gonçalves €0.50
Bárbara Leitão Bárbara Leitão €0.50
Guilhermina Andrade Guilhermina Andrade €0.50
Mariana Matos Mariana Matos €0.50
Maria Caio Maria Caio €0.50
Filipa Bivar Filipa Bivar €0.50
Anabela Cabral Henriques Anabela Cabral Henriques €0.50
Pedro Moreira Pedro Moreira €0.50
Filipa Cardoso Filipa Cardoso €0.50
Maria Gama Maria Gama €0.50
Ines Figueiredo Ines Figueiredo €0.50
Paula  Abrantes Paula Abrantes €0.50
Margarida Kirkby Margarida Kirkby €0.50
Antonio Caetano Antonio Caetano €0.50
Paula  Figueiredo Paula Figueiredo €0.50
Irina Relvas Irina Relvas €0.50
Manel Clemente Manel Clemente €0.50
Madalena Brandao Madalena Brandao €0.50
Filipa Marcos Filipa Marcos €0.50
Ana Mestre Ana Mestre €0.50
Vanda Relvas L. Manso Vanda Relvas L. Manso €0.50
Ana Luisa Dias Ana Luisa Dias €0.50
Sandra Anastácio Sandra Anastácio €0.50
Jose Pedro Fortunato Jose Pedro Fortunato €0.50
Cristina Castro Cristina Castro €0.50
Gonçalo Freitas Gonçalo Freitas €0.50
Eunice Rangel Eunice Rangel €0.50
Paulo Leite Paulo Leite €0.50

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