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Associação de Doentes com Lúpus Find out more

A Associação de Doentes com Lúpus é uma Instituição Sem Fins Lucrativos, cujo principal objectivo é prestar APOIO MÉDICO, SOCIAL e EDUCACIONAL a DOENTES de Lúpus e seus FAMILIARES.

Bid on amazing once in a lifetime auctions including signed celebrity items, exclusive experiences and more.

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Tax number
Praça João do Rio, 9-r/c Dto.

International Bank Account Number
PT50 0035 0396 00208470230 17
National Bank Account Number
0035 0396 00208470230 17

Associação de Doentes com Lúpus
Associação de Doentes com Lúpus
Raised $38.02
Users 82
Ana Dias Ana Dias €0.50
Margarida Azul Margarida Azul €0.50
Lee Costa Lee Costa €0.50
Alfa Tuga Alfa Tuga €0.50
Paula Costa Paula Costa €0.50
Solange Cruz Solange Cruz €0.50
Alice Curvacheiro Alice Curvacheiro €0.50
Maria Costa Maria Costa €0.50
Eunice Rodrigues Eunice Rodrigues €0.50
Maria Reis Maria Reis €0.50
Tereza Vieira Tereza Vieira €0.50
Ana Wiesenberger Ana Wiesenberger €0.50
Neide Barros Neide Barros €0.50
Cristiana Moreira Cristiana Moreira €0.50
Quinta Dos Inglesinhos Telheiras Quinta Dos Inglesinhos Telheiras €0.50
Nuno Macedo Nuno Macedo €0.50
Maria Rosa Maria Rosa €0.50
Fernando Santos Fernando Santos €0.50
Nho Nhonho Nho Nhonho €0.50
Isa Alves Isa Alves €0.50
Figueira Lopes Figueira Lopes €0.50
Catarina Pires Catarina Pires €0.50
Gabriel Andrade Lopes Gabriel Andrade Lopes €0.50
Mimi Prosperi Mimi Prosperi €0.50
Fernando Costa Fernando Costa €0.50
Maia Flor Maia Flor €0.50
Estrela Neves Estrela Neves €0.50
Helena Ramalhinho Mendes Helena Ramalhinho Mendes €0.50
Teca Amaro Teca Amaro €0.50
Florbela Rodrigues Florbela Rodrigues €0.50
English Resources English Resources €0.50
Dilia  Marques Dilia Marques €0.50
Maria João Rodrigues Maria João Rodrigues €0.50
Noémia Feijão Santos Noémia Feijão Santos €0.50
Marta de Almeida Marta de Almeida €0.50
Maria José ESousa Maria José ESousa €0.50
Joao Bernardino Joao Bernardino €0.50
Maria Manuel Pereira Maria Manuel Pereira €0.50
Ana Coelho Ana Coelho €0.50
Edgar Maguila Edgar Maguila €0.50
Antonio Rocha Antonio Rocha €0.50
Paula Vale Paula Vale €0.50
Irene Pais Irene Pais €0.50
Suzana Travassos Valdez Suzana Travassos Valdez €0.50
Karla Cabeleireiro Karla Cabeleireiro €0.50
Rm Ferreira Rm Ferreira €0.50
Paula Cristina C Paula Cristina C €0.50
Maria Rosaria Silva Maria Rosaria Silva €0.50
Maria João Maria João €0.50
Glória Lucas Glória Lucas €0.50
Alexandra Ramos Alexandra Ramos €0.50
Marco António Ribeiro Marco António Ribeiro €0.50
Antonieta Jacinto Antonieta Jacinto €0.50
Belém Baia Belém Baia €0.50
Manuela Inácio Manuela Inácio €0.50
Anabela Santos Anabela Santos €0.50
Sílvia Afonso Sílvia Afonso €0.50
Maria João Antunes Maria João Antunes €0.50
Joana Carvalho Joana Carvalho €0.50
João Gomes João Gomes €0.50
Mónica Cardoso Mónica Cardoso €0.50
Rita Mendes Rita Mendes €0.50
Naty Da Claudina Naty Da Claudina €0.50
Silvia Alves Silvia Alves €0.50
Maria João Soares Maria João Soares €0.50
Catia Santos Catia Santos €0.50
Andreia Aurora Andreia Aurora €0.50
Joaquina Serra Joaquina Serra €0.50
Susana Cerqueira Susana Cerqueira €0.50
Fátima Passos Fátima Passos €0.50
Maria Jose Barbosa Vieira Maria Jose Barbosa Vieira €0.50

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