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(Pre)Sentimento Oil paint on canvas
€250.00 $250.75 approx.


The Cáritas network is made up, in Portugal, of twenty Cáritas, united in Cáritas Portuguesa, and countless local groups that work in proximity, in parishes and communities.

This networking is a characteristic of this institution and gives it the ability to have eyes and ears throughout the national territory.

With the collaboration of professionals and a wide range of volunteers, Cáritas can articulate its actions to the most varied needs of the many who seek it.

Each Caritas has its own legal autonomy, which means that, despite the national structure, each organization has its own specificities, being able to establish its priorities and act accordingly. These specificities must comply with the Strategic Plan of Cáritas in Portugal, agreed upon by all and sanctioned by the Episcopal Commission for Social Pastoral and Human Mobility.

This painting that symbolizes hope was offered to Cáritas Portuguesa, with this work the painter Eunice Lopes intends to convey a primordial feeling of hope and peace in Ukraine and the desire that, in the midst of the reigning chaos, the people be reborn, strengthened and rebuild.

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