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Auction for a dinner by Chef Telma Shiraishi for two people
R$1,000.00 $194.00 approx.
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Chef Telma Shiraishi accepted the 10x10 challenge, offering a seven-stage dinner for two, including a bottle of sake. Whoever finishes will have two options: either dinner at Restaurante Aizomê when it reopens or receive dinner at home. The amount collected will be donated to the 10x10 Challenge Campaign, which will feed hungry Brazilian families.

About Chef Telma Shiraishi
First woman elected as Best Chef of the Year by Folha de São Paulo in 2019, Telma Shiraishi has a pioneering career. She is the first Brazilian and one of the few women to receive the title of Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine and Culture from the Japanese government.
His work is meticulous, having delved into the culinary raw material to reach the sophistication of his kitchen in his own way. He pioneered modern Japanese cuisine in the city of São Paulo.
In addition, Telma also develops social work. Since the beginning of the crisis generated by the pandemic, Chef has activated one of his kitchens with the support of the Japanese government to make and distribute solidarity lunchboxes for people on the streets and in the Heliopolis community.

About the 10x10 Challenge
The 10x10 Challenge was designed to help millions of families fight hunger, whose situation has worsened dramatically with the coronavirus pandemic. A study by researchers from England and Australia, together with the United Nations World Institute for Economic Research for Development (UNU-WIDER), indicates that the pandemic could lead 14 million Brazilians to total poverty.
The base of the contest is the platform https://desafio10x10.com.br/. It is here that supporters are challenging their fan base, friends and relatives, based on the passions that move all Brazilians, such as music, sports and games. And the challenge is simple: contribute to the collection and bring at least 10 new people from their respective networks. The collection result is displayed in real time on the platform, increasing the feeling of competition and cooperation.

Please note postage is not included as part of the final bid.

The method of payment is bank transfer. At the end of the auction the winner shall be served notice by email of the bank details. The payment must be made within forty-eight hours.

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Comments (3)

  • Edson Matsuoka Edson Matsuoka
    Telma, Fico feliz e honrado por ter contribuído para está causa. Ela é muito importante para criar uma sociedade mais justa e igualitária. Parabéns pela inciativa! Domo Arigato, Edson
  • Telma Shiraishi Telma Shiraishi
    Matsuoka san, arigatō!
  • Edson Matsuoka Edson Matsuoka
    Telma is one of the top chef in Sao Paulo. If you have tried her cousine yet, this would be the perfect chance!

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