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Two prints by the artist Paulo Lara
R$1,000.00 $196.00 approx.
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Charity auction of two prints - reproductions of original works donated by artist Paulo Lara supports the institutions of Itu CAVI, Albergue Noturno and Creche André Luis.

The current situation is delicate and the families and people assisted by these institutions are experiencing great difficulties.

With the amount collected in this auction, basic baskets, personal hygiene material and meals will be purchased for families and people in socially vulnerable situations assisted by the three entities mentioned (CAVI, Albergue and Creche André Luis).

Plastic artist Paulo Lara developed a peculiar artistic style, 3D Pop, which led him to win several awards and to exhibit his works in salons and exhibitions of great importance in Brazil and abroad, among them, at the Louvre Museum in Paris, in France. In the exhibitions “Bike no Ibirapuera” and “Catedral da Sé”, in 2007, in São Paulo, he won first place with one of his works. Paulo Lara was one of 170 selected from 3,000 artists from 30 countries to participate, in 2014, in the International Autumn Exhibition in São Paulo. He also participated in the Elephant Parade 2017, one of the largest art exhibitions in the world, where life-size sculptures of baby elephants are hand painted and displayed in important cities around the world.

Title: A Boat Trip in Autumn
Dimensions: 0.70cm X 0.90cm
Technique: digital printing on canvas
Year: 2012

Title: Itu 400 anos
Dimensions: 1.00m X 0.80cm
Technique: digital printing on canvas
Year: 2010

The Child Support and Valorization Center is a non-profit institution that works with children from seven to 12 years old, in the school shift, in a situation of social vulnerability. The objective is to promote the strengthening of family bonds, contributing to the reduction of social vulnerability of these children and adolescents. Most of those assisted are at risk and psychosocial and economic vulnerability and need to be welcomed. Cavi is a non-profit organization, with daily assistance, offering educational and sports activities.
One of the oldest charities in Itu, the Albergue Noturno, which is also not for profit, welcomes and offers assistance to the homeless and migrants. Currently, Albergue de Itu offers temporary shelter for men, women and children accompanied by their guardians. Open daily from 6 pm to 6 am, overnight or just for meal and bath for those who do not wish to stay overnight. The Hostel does a job of welcoming and assisting this marginalized population and often forgotten by society. It is estimated that there are approximately 250 homeless people in the municipality of Itu, apart from migrants who pass through the city daily.
The “Lar André Luiz” Nursery in Itu is an association that is also not for profit. Its main objective is to provide meaningful learning for the child to build his own knowledge through constant interactions with the cultural universe. Currently, the nursery serves 60 children aged three (Maternal II) and 4 years (1st Phase) full-time, from 7 am to 4:30 pm, from Monday to Friday. During this period, children receive a balanced diet, totaling five meals a day. The pedagogical part takes place in the morning, with teachers, monitors and pedagogical coordinator. In the afternoon, monitors and assistants are responsible for recreation.

Please note postage is not included as part of the final bid.

The method of payment is bank transfer. At the end of the auction the winner shall be served notice by email of the bank details. The payment must be made within forty-eight hours.

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