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Pogba's jersey, of Manchester United, autographed by the player
€200.00 $200.60 approx.
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Charity auction of a Pogba's jersey, Manchester United (season 2016/2017), autographed by the player supports UDREAM.

The player's sweater was donated by an eSolidar user for auction to support UDREAM.

20% of the value raised with this auction reverts to UDREAM and is intended to support the realization of dreams. The remaining value is to the user who give the sweater for auction.

"U.DREAM is at present born and raised in Aveiro. We come to this city to make an impact, to change the lives of the students and the families we will accompany. The beginning is never easy, few companies know us yet, the membership card is still very little developed, but we do not want families to wait for our stabilization and therefore the first follow-ups have already started, and this year we will have 2 dreams. It is still unclear what we are going to do, but we already have "detectives" at home from these families who will find out what will bring happiness to all. The support that the U.DREAM will receive will revert to the realization of these dreams, which can be very different, from a day of fun at sea, and a moment of relaxation for the caregivers, or get the community to know and how to deal with a certain health problem, one thing is certain, we always try to make a long-term impact and the family is different because of us. "

Please note postage is not included as part of the final bid. The average shipping cost is €10.

The method of payment is bank transfer. At the end of the auction the winner shall be served notice by email of the bank details. The payment must be made within forty-eight hours.

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