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Guitar signed by The Kills - Rock in Rio 2017
R$1,001.00 $189.19 approx.
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Are you a The Kills fan? Have you ever imagined having a guitar signed by him? Bid and participate!

Rock in Rio has committed to planting 1 million trees in deforested areas in the Xingu region. With the help of partners and the public, we have reached more than 73 million trees and have start plant it. But let`s not stop there, we count on you to increase that number even more.
The festival's artists got into the rhythm too and with your help we can make this number grow even more. Do your part, participate to compete for awesome prizes, invite friends, share, post, spread the word and donate. Be sure that your donation will turn into seeds and find fertile ground to make a difference for a better world. Funbio is responsible for managing the resources for the Amazonia Live project

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  • Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade Fundo Brasileiro para a Biodiversidade
    Oi Bruno, enviamos sim! Os detalhes serão acordados com o vencedor.
  • Bruno Homme Bruno Homme
    Ola por favor preciso que você responda de forma mais clara preciso no caso do vencedor nao morar no rio voces enviam o instrumento pelos correios? Grato!
  • Cátia Costa Cátia Costa
    Olá Bruno, a banda não irá entregar a guitarra, até porque o leilão termina no dia 26 de Setembro. No final do leilão o vencedor receberá o contacto pelo Rock in Rio com todos os detalhes para a retirada dos produtos
  • Bruno Homme Bruno Homme
    Ola pessoal está guitarra sera entregue pela banda para o vencedor? E para quem nao mora no rio? Sera via correios?

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